Lazy Sunday.

The only way to spend the holiday. Until the booms start and the humans need my protection.

Sigh. California wouldn’t let me go anywhere, even though I’m on leash and perfect. “Dogs can be in the parking lot.” Oh great, thanks. Yay…

This is all now mine.

This is what I think of your signs.

Is this beach plant good noms?

Me and Dad at the Marin French Cheese Factory. So much triple cream! Total Shiba noms.

My nose was cold so what better way to warm it up than with my beautiful, fluffy tail?

More Twitter buddies, Prince Zuko (dark harness) and Princess Autumn Pink harness)! Zuko is so chill, he gets along with everyone. Autumn and I came to an understanding. :) So much fun meeting in person other Shibas I only know online!